Flabbergasted college girl to friend: I didn't get home until 6 am. There were people dressed up and on their way to work! Did you know there are people who start their day that early? –Union Square Champion for the homeless, speaking loudly inside crowded train: By a show of hands, does anyone on this train like their job? (pause) Only one person? –F Train Douchey hipster guy to girls: If you work– which I don't… –Park Slope Overheard by: Ladle Ten-year-old boy: Mommy! I have a job! I am not having a nervous breakdown! Fuck you! –114th St & Broadway Overheard by: Erik Woman holding baby to friend: The only reason why I haven't ripped my husband's head off for not helping me around the house is because he worked 70 hours this week. –Astoria Overheard by: Michael