Youngish girl to another: Mmm-mmm, everybody got to be on this train like it's the last train to salvation… –Uptown 6 Train, Rush Hour Lady on line picking up tickets from box office: The city's so crowded today, and they all look like slobs. –Merkin Concert Hall, W. 67th St Overheard by: Frank Woman after struggling to get on train through crowd: Get off the damn train, people! Don't just stand there in the way, like Fievel from American Tail! Just standing there staring like 'oh, ah!' get off the damn train! –3 Train Overheard by: Tiger was my favorite character Cool-looking guy: Man! Dis some Ellis Island bullshit up in here! –Megabus Conductor: Okay, folks, I know you can squeeze one more in here. (door closes) Thank you. (pause) Aren't you glad you used dial this morning? Don't you wish everybody did? –LIRR Overheard by: Womanspirit