Conductor: This is Smith 9th Street, and it's a bright sunny day so I trust all you Twilight fans are wearing your sunblock. –F Train Overheard by: Jennifer Suit on cell: It's really gay out there. I'm not talking about the people on the street, I'm talking about the weather. It's really gay weather, it's like god shaking his dick on me. –The Library, 2nd & Ave A Overheard by: Andrew Guy on cell: Yeah, it's like 102 here, and that's not even including the wind chill factor thing. –Christopher St Overheard by: Colleen Cody 20-something to friend: I mean, why do they call it The Perfect Storm if they all died? –Diner, Queens Drunk guy: It's too nice a day for damn detox! –Washington Square Park Overheard by: Michael