Woman in the middle of cell phone call, entering crowded elevator: Well, I am leaving work right now, and barring any unforeseen problems, I will be able to take you both ways tonight! –Elevator, 30 Rockefeller Plaza Overheard by: Michael Small child holding on to dad's arm for support on train: I'll just hold on to your meaty pole. –Uptown C Train Overheard by: K Grandmother to table: I don't care if it's big! I just don't want it shriveled up. –Buddy's Deli, Glen Oaks Overheard by: Howie Teacher, about flash drive: Why do I have to lie on the floor to get this thing in… Can somebody do it for me please? –Bronx High School of Science, History Class Overheard by: urbanadventurer British student taking picture of statue: I'm going to take it from behind. –The Met