Woman with extremely strong Southern drawl to bartender: I'm from North Carolina. We're way more sophisticated than people from Alabama! –Upper West Side Lounge Suit to friend: I went to a state college in Texas! I can't be held responsible for my lack of education! –Astor & Lafayette Fitness instructor: I was subbing for Christina, who had major jet lag, last week. Yeah, major jet lag on the way back from Florida. –9th & Court, Brooklyn Irate 20-something on iPhone: Yes, I am in the middle of Times fucking Square and I have no 3G reception. What is the problem? (pause) What do you mean what state am I in? It's the middle of the goddamn universe. What state are you in? (pause) Well, then there's our problem! –W 40th & 7 Ave Overheard by: Vespertinas