Astute girl to female friend: Honestly, I should have realized we didn't stand a chance when he said that Law & Order: CI was better than SVU. –Greenwich Ave & W10th Overheard by: alixthamilton Pissed drunk guy with crew cut, after exiting restaurant: Fuck! I missed Nancy Grace! Jeezus-Christmas! –Driggs Ave & Broadway, Williamsburg Overheard by: T. Myers Girl in mermaid costume: Get obsessed with something normal, like Star Trek. –N Train NYU gay student: I am never watching Adventure Time at 4 in the morning again. –Weinstein Hall, NYU Overheard by: MATHEMATICAL! Angry gangsta on cell: Man! That dude stole my fucking money! I'ma kill that fucking nigga! (pause) After I go watch True Blood at mom's. (pause) Yeah, you can come… –Port Authority Overheard by: E.Major