Lame hipster to another: I need to get really drunk so I can write a good Facebook status. –Uptown D Train Overheard by: Do it all the time! Hipster in line for Mister Softee to girlfriend: Fuck Dairy Queen! This guy's much more authentic. –Bleecker & Broadway Overheard by: Cookie Monster Hipster girl to friends: Oh my god, I love early 19th century plastic surgery drawings. –Brooklyn Flea Market Drunk hipster girl during lunchtime, after sigh: I mean, I know I should read Tale of Two Cities… But I mean, I don't really have to. I live in New York City. Phhhh, my god! This bar supports the troops?!? Ugh! –30th Ave & 41st St, Astoria Overheard by: Wandering lush