Bus driver: You and your family have a blessed weekend. And remember, you are going to drink, drink a lot. –Downtown Alliance Shuttle Bus Overheard by: dara Bus driver: Step to the back of the bus, please! We have coffee and jelly donuts in the back. We also have gin and tonic, only for the intelligent people who move to the back of the bus! –M96 Crosstown Bus Overheard by: BananaBerger Shuttle bus driver, opening doors: Come, my people! –Ocean Ave & Newkirk Overheard by: Jon A. Bus driver to friend, at intersection, in the pouring rain and bad driving conditions: This is where I got into a huge fender bender, right here in this intersection! –S53 Bus Overheard by: ALerns MTA bus driver: Okay, it looks like we're going the wrong way. We'll have to get back on the BQE. This is the scenic route. –Brooklyn Overheard by: woow