Woman to boyfriend: 2nd Avenue is the nastiest of the avenues. –2nd Ave & 6th St Six-year-old girl to mother: I hit you on the back but you hit me on the head! You nasty! You nasty momma, I hate you. –Jamaica Station Overheard by: rick Obese, ghetto woman on phone with friend: You know, I love KFC. I love it. But sometimes it tastes nasty… So then I go to Popeye's. –Q Train Overheard by: xxem Lady on phone: If she can afford a $400 bottle service at the club, she can damn well afford some maid service to clean up her nasty-ass house! –Bolt Bus Young man on phone at 8:45 am: Girl, you is a nasty one ain't ya? (pause) Hang on. I can't do this here. Go to Queensboro. Sit on it. I gots to conversate with your nasty ass. –Subway Station, Astoria