Woman trying to order off-menu Greek takeout: Yes, can I have a hor… I… Tiki… Salad…
Big Greek man taking order, quickly: Horiatiki salata, yes. Next?
Woman: Um, can I add grilled chicken to it?
Greek man, looking surprised: Chicken? Do you know what horiatiki is?
Woman: No.
Greek man: It's bayer.
Woman: Bayer?
Greek man: Yes, bayer. Bayer.
Woman: I don't under…
Woman's husband, chiming in: “Bare”. It comes bare babe. With nothing on it.
Greek man: No. No. Bayer. Huge huge…
Woman: Bear? Like the animal?
Greek man: Yes. Yes. Bear.
Woman: Oh, okay. No thanks. –30th Ave & 34th St Overheard by: melissa