Conductor, over PA: This is 173rd, next stop 168th… An, I toll you all tha de Yankees was gonna win! My trusty crystal ball nevah fails me. Now, for tamorrah's lottry numbahs… Woops! My crystal ball just fell an broke. –A Train Overheard by: amused subway rider Doomsday proclaimers carrying signs: Evil is coming to this place. No more Chevrolet and apple pie. No more fuckin' Superbowl, man. –Delancey & Ludlow Overheard by: Jana Teen girl: Is it true that all Jewish guys are Yankees fans and all ginger and Irish guys are Mets fans? –Bard High School Overheard by: KB Teacher to students leaving class: Hey guys, check out my golf swing! (swings an imaginary golf club) I love golf. –Bard High School Early College Overheard by: r Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Yankee stadium. Please note, there are more stairs at the end of the platform. Again, if you are a Yankees fan, there are more stairs at the end of the platform, if you are a Red Sox fan, get back on the train I'm taking you home. –4 Train