Boyfriend: Yo, what do you know about Hasselhoff?
Girlfriend, furrowing eyebrows in confusion: As in David Hasselhoff?
Boyfriend: Yeah, David. Where's he at now? Is he still alive?
Girlfriend: That's a pretty fucked up question. Why are you asking me this random ass question? I was just talking to you about my dying aunt.
Boyfriend: I already told you that sucks about your aunt. So where do you think he's living these days if he's still alive? I want to ask him where he buys his leather jackets.
Girlfriend: LA or something, probably. Why do you keep asking me this shit?
Boyfriend: Cause I want to know where he buys his fucking jackets. He's kinda good looking, you know?
(girlfriend looks perplexed)
Boyfriend: I swear I'm not gay. –Coffee Shop, 35th Ave, Queens Overheard by: Roger L