20-something guy to another: You know how I love vodka? That's how much my mom loves Disney. –AMC Theater Overheard by: Anabelle Kid to mother, watching parade balloon being inflated: Is Snoopy a good guy or a bad guy? –W 77th St & Central Park West Enraged sassy lady, after screaming fit: Whatchu' lookin at, mothafucka? With yo stupid-ass hat. You look like Aladdin's brother! –Brooklyn Overheard by: blitz Teen girl to mother: But I never really watch hentai. I have a few friends who watch hentai and it's just gross. –Disney Store, Times Square Overheard by: Paul Excited woman: I love Betty Boop underwear! I never knew that about myself! –5th Ave & 23rd St Overheard by: Rose Fox