20-something hot girl on cell: Every time you disrespect me I'm coming over to your motherfucking house and you are going to make me french toast with fucking maple syrup! –Varick & Houston Overheard by: Ian Driscoll Ghetto fab girl to another: You can't fuckin' respect a fuckin' girl that don't even respect her own fuckin' mother! She can't even fuckin' read! –W 4th St Overheard by: she needs jesus Crazy man flailing arms and screaming: I don't need you respect. I don't your respect. (chases small asian man into a restaurant) I don't your respect. –29th & 7th Overheard by: i was little frightened myself Black dude to black teenager outside T-Mobile store: Yo! (hand clap), yo (hand clap), yo (hand clap), no disrespect, but suck my dick! –Fulton Mall & Flatbush Ave Overheard by: Thurman