Hot girl to male friend: If I have free time, I'm going to spend it with my daughter or my friends, who I already know, already trust and already made out with. –7th St & 2nd Ave Girl: I got Sweeney Todd! I feel like making out with some guy right now! I don't even care who he is! –41st & 7th Overheard by: Jon Clarke Teen girl to another in nail salon: He knows me so well… He stayed at my house all week. We almost hooked up! –E 79th St Overheard by: Carrie Freshman girl, trying to impress older, more cultured girl: I'm very multicultural when it comes to hooking up with people. I mean, I like to try different things, and everyone has something different to offer. –Brooklyn College Guy, as his face hovers an inch away from girl's: There's something about the arts–makes me wanna make out. –Williamsburg Overheard by: Rachel