Girl to her workout buddy: I met someone amazing, he's charming, educated and bipolar… –Palladium Gym, NYU Overheard by: isis Guy to stranger next to him: Hey, what's your stop? Where do you work? I'll walk with you there. I want you to introduce me to some people. I'm new in town. I suffer from schizophrenia. Are you a counselor? I need counseling. –2 Train Overheard by: Richard Woman on phone: I swear to god, that concussion she got has driven her out of her mind. –12th St & 3rd Ave White woman with hoodie, approaching famous actor: Ohmigod! Ohmigod! You're the Asian guy from SVU! You're the shrink kind of actor! Right!? Ohmigod! Can I have an autograph for my son, he really loves the show and he's in college for psychiatry. –Grand Central Station