Skinny bike-riding hipster, after getting hit by a car at 3 am: Hey! What the fuck, man!?
Polish muscle jock looking out window: What?!
Skinny bike-riding hipster: You hit me, asshole!
Polish muscle jock: You in way and crossed road on light!
Skinny bike-riding hipster: I can't understand you!
Polish muscle jock: Fuck you, skinny hipster boy fag!
Skinny bike-riding hipster: Whatever, small dick Pollack! Get the fuck out of my country!
Polish muscle jock: You get out of my country!
Skinny bike-riding hipster: What!? (laughs)
Polish muscle jock, stepping out of car: You want to see my big dick!?
(skinny bike-riding hipster throws bike at car hood. Polish muscle jock steps back into car and begins to drive toward skinny bike-riding hipster)
Skinny bike-riding hipster, dodging attack and screaming: Fuck you, pussy Pollack!
(Polish muscle jock drives away) –Greenpoint, Brooklyn