20-something woman holding puppy: Don't bite that, that's my sleeve. (pause) That's my pocket. (pause) Those are my boobs. Only my boyfriend's allowed to bite those, fuzzbutt. –43rd & 10th Ave Hipster dog walker sitting at bench with dogs talking to Beagle: You're an asshole, you know that? You don't want to listen, that's why you're an asshole. –Chelsea Overheard by: Yeah…that dog doesn't understand you. Crust punk to dog: Left. (dog turns a little after her) Hard left! –Tompkins Square Dog Run Overheard by: Hc Female owner to poodle in full-leg plaid pants, bright yellow doggie sweater, and propeller beanie: You like your clothes, don't you? Yeah! –86th & Amsterdam Overheard by: Ladle