Woman to young crying son: Come here, man. Come over here. Come on! (to passing woman) Excuse me, miss, do you want that baby over there? –103rd St & Amsterdam Ave Teen to others: In honor of black history month, I'm getting all black girls pregnant. –Times Square Overheard by: Saurabh Woman on cell: No, well, his babymom–one of his babymoms, he got 10 kids, you know–well anyway, they're living together now. (pause) No, but they ain't together like that! You don't understand. It's that she's got a heart condition. She's not doing well, so he moved in 'cause the baby only like two or three years old. He's going to be like a helping hand if she goes into the hospital permanently. Yeah, yeah… I know, it's too bad, 'cause I really had feelings for him, but everything happens for a reason, you know? –188th St & Arthur Ave Six-year-old boy: Whose baby is this? She's ruining our foundation! –Sunnyside Gardens Park