Woman to man behind deli counter: And please don't make my sandwich skinny. As you can see, I'm a voluptuous woman. –Deli, East Flatbush Overheard by: Just on my lunch break… Tall, skinny employee to gaggle of tall, skinny coworkers: Yeah, whenever I'm feeling bad about myself, I like to go to Las Vegas. When I'm there, I'm like, "I'm the prettiest, skinniest girl here!" (pause) There are, like, all these fat women in tights walking around… –Spring & Crosby Woman to friend: She's legitimaly anorexic. –Spring St Overheard by: francyne pelchar Typical smiling NYU female to girl, loudly in crowded area: Hi, sweetie, you look great! The swelling has all gone down… Almost… –NYU Campus Overheard by: Olivia Joy