NYU, Here She Comes

Teen girl #1: You know what I think the worst smell would be? Dirty diapers with rotting flesh wrapped in rubber; all set on fire.
Teen girl #2: What about sulfur, too?
Teen girl #1: Well, sulfur usually comes along with the burning anyway. And you know, that all might smell so bad that it smells good…
Teen girl #2: Yeah, you should tell Dartmouth that when you interview there. –81st & CPW Overheard by: Ariamy

How Do You Know He Didn’t Go to College?

Blonde: Well, I want to visit that country where they speak African!
Redhead: Oh, you want to go to Africa to learn how to speak African? That is so cool.
Black businessman shaking his head: Africa is a continent, not a country, [sighs], and there is no language called ‘African.’

Black businessman departs at 34th Street.

Blonde: How’s he going to tell me that when we went to college and he didn’t? Plus, I heard President Bush call Africa a country in a speech.

–A train, 14th St

Overheard by: LDofHarlem