The Lions Won't Listen, Ma'am

Woman: How do you say 'faith' in African?
Driver: In west Africa alone there are over 200 languages.
Woman: Oh? Well, in your African, how do you say 'faith'? And 'Jesus'? –Shuttle, JFK Overheard by: feygele

Also “Burn Things”

Young man, about entirely light-blue painting behind glass: What is this? What the heck is this, anyway?
Mother: It’s saying something.
Young man: What’s it saying?
Mother: It’s saying, ‘I’m an extra mirror. I’m here if you need me.’ –Contemporary Art section, MoMA

He’s More of a Skype Dude

Woman #1: I called him and I called him, and he kept letting it go to voice mail!
Woman #2: Well, maybe he wasn’t there. Or maybe he just didn’t want to talk to you.
Woman #1: But, like, it could’ve been Jesus on the phone! And he wasn’t answering!
Woman #2: Uh, Jesus wouldn’t call on a cell phone. –M15 bus