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Courtesy in NYC: A Short Story

Chick: One time I saw this old guy fall and drop his cane onto the subway tracks, and it was raining, so we tried to talk people into giving him their umbrella, since he couldn’t get the cane–and we were so mad when no one would give us an umbrella, ’cause you can’t just buy a cane at Duane Reade. –6 train Overheard by: Todd Seavey

Saying Goodbye to The Gates

Guy: We just saw The Gates. And you know what they are? They’re a bunch of curtains in the park. That’s right, curtains in the park. You wanna see a bunch of curtains in the park, then go see them. But that’s all they are: a bunch of curtains in the park. Oh, yeah, and they’re “saffron”. –Newark Airport shuttle Overheard by: Julie Winterbottom Woman: So?! They’re not dumb to me! –The Gates

Daddy’s Girlfriends Are Expensive

Mom: You know something? When I was a little girl, my family was so poor that we couldn’t even afford Christmas presents! We got fruit in our stocking and that was it, and we were lucky if we could get one birthday present–
Son, 6: But we have money! –10th Street & 6th Avenue