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Wednesday One-liners are Open for Business

Girl on cell: Do you think any galleries will be open on Sunday? –21st & Broadway Woman: He didn’t come here to be Korean; he moved here to be a hipster. Then he realized he could open a store, and he turned Korean. –2nd Avenue & 6th Street Private School girl: So is, like, everything in this place by Chanel? –Metropolitan Museum of Art Man: What do you mean, you ran out of keys? How does a hotel run out of keys? –The Hotel on Rivington Overheard by: Joe Quint Queer: Well I figured I make $7 an hour at Journey’s working full time. So if I cut back to part time and get a second job making $7 an hour, I’ll be making $14 an hour and I can pay all my bills! –Nederlander Theater, West 41st Street Overheard by: Nomi Malone

I Guess Water is for Pussies

Woman: I stopped smoking six months ago, and now I’m lubricating so much better. I’m always wet at the right time. –Lexington & 55th Deli Guy: Is it raining?
Girl: No.
Guy: Then why the fuck am I getting wet?
Girl: Because it’s drizzling. –Coney Island Overheard by: Gradie Smith Guy #1: She says she usually needs to make out for like a half hour before she starts to get wet.
Guy #2: You should just use your spit. –2nd Avenue station Overheard by: J.

My Anti-Drug? Bad Conversation

Guy #1: Hey man, how you been?
Guy #2: Good, man.
Guy #1: What you been up to?
Guy #2: …Sorry man, just spaced out.
Guy #1: That’s cool, I am coked out of my mind right now anyway. –Cobble Hill