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Hey New York: What Did You Think of the Parade?

Hipster: …yeah, I really don’t know…I mean, you see one drag queen on some kinda float, you seen ‘em all. –Le Monde, 112th & Broadway Guy #1: So yeah, I saw that nigga out in the Village. That man is wilding, bro.
Guy #2: Word?
Guy #1: Yeah, dat nigga is out there rapping fags. He be like in a alley, and he be like, “yo commere”, then he fucks ‘em, bro.
Guy #2: Ha, ha. Yo, dat’s fucked up man, that nigga always was crazy. –M14 bus Girl: I totally thought I was going to see my gym teacher here. –7th Avenue & Greenwich Overheard by: Lukas

My Anti-Drug? Bad Conversation

Guy #1: Hey man, how you been?
Guy #2: Good, man.
Guy #1: What you been up to?
Guy #2: …Sorry man, just spaced out.
Guy #1: That’s cool, I am coked out of my mind right now anyway. –Cobble Hill