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You’re Still Flaming

Man: Oh, man! Where have you been all my life?…Can I borrow your lighter?
Woman: Oh, thank goodness. I was like, “I’m flattered, but gay.” –57th & 5th Overheard by: (The) Heather Red

Too Bad No One Reads It

Man: Oh, it is so good to hear English again.
Customs guy: Actually, I speak Brooklyn. –JFK Overheard by: Benjamin Silverberg

Orange You Glad He Didn’t Say Banana?

Suit #1: Sounds like Bugsy Siegel.
Suit #2: Yeah.
Suit #1: You know who Bugsy Siegel is, right?
Suit #2: Sure, yeah.
Suit #1: You know who he is?
Suit #2: Yeah. Look–
Suit #1: You know who he is?
Suit #2: Yeah, yeah–
Suit #1: Who is he, then?
Suit #1: Who gives a shit? –Broadway & Leonard deli Overheard by: Mel

She Should Have Dropped “Y’know What I’m Sayin’?”

Asian girl #1: Who’s that guy that’s not Steve Harvey?
Asian girl #2: Cedric the Entertainer.
Asian girl #1: Yeah, he might have been in The Cookout.
Asian girl #2: Oh my God, that’s so racist. “Who’s that guy that’s not Steve Harvey?”
Asian girl #1: Well, you knew who I was talking about! –McDonald’s, 85th & 3rd Overheard by: Aisha Moore

How Sleeping with a Girl Can Still Be Gay

Guy: It was hot, I can’t even tell you.
Girl: So you guys slept together?
Guy: Oh yeah, it was hot.
Girl: ’cause I talked to her this morning and she said you guys just cuddled and stuff.
Guy: Yeah, yeah, that’s what I meant by sleeping with her. Y’know, spooning and shit. –MetroTech Commons

You’re Giving Yourself Too Much Credit

Girl #1: Oh my god there’s too many people in this elevator! There’s only supposed to be 10 people!
Girl #2: It’s OK, I’m skinny. In my own reality I’m actually only half a person. –Hotel Gansevoort, 9th Avenue Overheard by: Priscilla Perez

Yet It’s OK for Him to Kill His Son…

Crazy lady: I hate my fucking mother and I want to kill her. I want to watch her bleed. She is a fat lazy bitch. She was nothing but a container!
Guy: God will not forgive you if you kill your mother. Can you also keep it down please? –PATH train Overheard by: JMK

The Paramedics Were Too Late to Plug Her In, Plug Her In

Girl #1: …so apparently she died from lysol poisoning–
Girl #2: Wow.
Girl #1: –yeah, she suffocated from one of those boxes that sprays air freshener. No oxygen could get in the room. –53rd & 6th Overheard by: J-Mo

How About Being Permanently Labelled as Such?

B&T Girl #1: He is so “not Westchester.”
B&T Girl #2: I know!
B&T Girl #3: I don’t get it. I’ve been here a year and I don’t get that. And what is or who is “the bridge and tunnel crowd”? Is it a good thing that those guys called us “bridge and tunnel crowd” when we walked in?
B&T Girl #1: Eww.
B&T Girl #2: Gross.
B&T Girl #1: Ew, oh there is so no way anyone called me bridge and tunnel.
B&T Girl #3: So that’s bad?
B&T Girl #2: What could be worse? –Metro-North