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The Very Limited Minutes Plan

An old Russian man has put his bag on the seat next to him. An old lady asks him to move it. He refuses as there are other seats albeit not in the front. Things get escalated until the old lady says: You’re a son of a bitch. I’d like to see you hit me with that. I’ll call the cops right now. I’ve got my cell phone! –B1 bus (After this exchange our editor handed her his card and told her that she would be on this site. She was confused on so many levels that they kind of cancelled out and she nodded & smiled.)

They Missed a Few in NYC

Columbia guy #1: It’s a small world.
Columbia guy #2: Yeah, especially when they killed six million of us. –Miller Theatre, Columbia University Lady: …yeah, but when they’re all being led into gas chambers again, they’ll be crying in their beer. –Miller Park, The Bronx Overheard by: Roisin Ni She Book guy: I don’t see that big swastika.
Girl: No, I don’t either. And that big swastika was going to be my dad’s birthday present. –Barnes & Noble, Astor Place Overheard by: Jon Zebraskey

NYers: What Do You Think of Sin City?

Guy #1: It was artsy, girls don’t like that.
Guy #2: How is it artsy? He ripped off a guy’s nuts! –Loews 34th St. men’s room Overheard by: Dan Dickinson Dude: I thought it was great. Very visually arresting. I liked how they stayed true to the visual style of the comic book. Of course I say that having never read the comic book. –Regal Cinemas Union Square Overheard by: Greg Rutter

Giving Smoking a Bad Name

Drunk Guy #1: You’re gonna charge me a dollar for just one cigarette?
Drunk Guy #2: You think I’m gonna fucking give you change? –46th St. & 8th Ave. Overheard by: Ryan Man on cell: I’m going to buy a pack of cigarettes. I’m dying here, you’re literally killing me. –3rd Ave. & 12th St. Overheard by: Este Bagato

I’d Finally Get to Have Sex

Guy #1: I wonder how much it would cost to get married in Vegas and then get an annulment the next day.
Guy #2: Why?
Guy #1: I dunno. I’ve been thinking of doing that, just for fun.
Guy #3: What would be the point?
Guy #1: …what do you mean, “what would be the point”? –NYU dining hall

Hey, Have You Heard of This New Invention? It’s Called “Learning”.

Woman #1: …so some asshole put what I said about my sex life on this site,
Woman #2: What’s that?
Woman #1: Some website where people put up what they overhear.
Woman #2: Oh, don’t worry, nobody probably goes to those sites anyway.
Woman #1: Yeah, you’re probably right. –21st St. & 6th Ave. Overheard by: Tommy Wooh