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The PC Keeps Going on Siesta

Clerk: What’s in the box you’re shipping?
Customer: A computer.
Clerk: Where’s it going?
Customer: Spain.
Clerk: Is that domestic?
Customer: No, that’d be fairly international. –Kinko’s, Duane Street Overheard by: Joshua Cody Girl: Bitch, for the last time, Spain is not part of Latin America! –Columbia University dorm

Overheard in the Headlines: The Train Bridge Fire

Conductor: We’re experiencing some slight delays. There seems to be a power outage in the station. Or on the tracks. Or there might be an Amtrak line down. You should probably get off now and take the PATH. And if you didn’t hear this message the other three times, I’ll be saying it again in 30 seconds. –Penn Station Overheard by: gigglechick Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re on Track A, which is normally an eastbound track. We’re waiting for written instructions to depart. They’re probably making copies for us right now. Thank you for your patience. –Newark Penn Station Overheard by: gigglechick

Coffins Now 10% Off with Student ID!

Employee: Can I leave at 5?
Boss: Why?
Employee: I cannot work here for more than 5 hours day, for medical reasons.
Boss: What reason?
Employee: Well, this work is so dull and unsatisfying that if I work more than 5 hours a day I could jump out the window?
Boss: Wait, did you say you go to NYU? –22nd Street office Bystander guy #1: Congratulations!
Bystander guy #2: One sixteenth of you are gonna make it! –NYU Graduation Ceremony, Washington Square Park

The Abortion Debate: Pro

Mom: Why don’t you like to play with Tommy? He likes to play with you when you get home from school.
Little girl: I’m very busy, you know. At 6:00, I eat dinner. At 7:00, I brush my teeth. At 8:00, I do my homework. At 9:00 I go to bed. I’m sorry, but Tommy will just have to take a number. –M14 bus Chick #1: Y’all heard Denelle pregnant?
Chick #2: Damn, I can’t imagine tryin ta have no baby. If I had a baby then I couldn’t hang out wit y’all no more.
Chick #3: Shit, we need to git you a man, then. I’m tired o’ yo broke ass! –D train

C’mon Gawker Stalker, Get in Gear!

Wannabe model on cell: … and I was on the dance floor, and Gisele was dancing next to me…No, Leo wasn’t there but I was totally dancing next to Gisele and you know what? She like totally can’t dance! I mean, I totally looked hotter than her on the dance floor! I mean, I think she was like on drugs or something! I just couldn’t believe that Gisele can’t dance! –48th & 6th

Better Check for That Foreskin

Man: …and he might give us that cat he was talking about.
Wife: We are not getting a cat.
Man: But you’d love this cat! It has such a great personality!
Wife: Alan, stop the sales pitch, we’re not getting a cat, we’re not getting a dog–
Man: This cat even looks a little like you, it’s got your complexion and everything!
Wife: I thought you said it was a Jewish cat! I thought you said it was a Jewish cat! –Port Authority

Tastes Nothing Like Chicken

Black guy #1: How’d you know the tornado was by your house?
Black guy #2: ‘Cause I walked out back and the tree was blowing like a fuck. Then I walked out front and the wind wasn’t even blowing.
Black guy #1: Damn, cuz. But anyway, since you’re from the country, how do I get these pigeons to go away?
Black guy #2: With a hot grill. –Astoria Overheard by: Dj wan-two