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My Guess? Lonely Man Mails Self Open Parcel

Guy: Why is that package open?
Clerk: I can’t open it.
Guy: It’s already opened, why is it open?
Clerk: Sir, I’m not allowed to open it. If you want it, sign the card.
Guy: I want to know why it’s open, is anything in it?
Clerk: I can’t open it. 3 minutes of this ensue. Guy: Just give me the stupid package.
Clerk: Why are you still talking? –Sunnyside post office

Taste Nasty, Even With a Chaser

Man on cell: Dave? Hi, it’s Vince…fine, and you? Great. Listen, Dave, my boss was really interested in your video work, and he’d love to see more…yes, right. He’s going to want you to come in for an interview. But I have to ask you a question, okay? How do you feel about cum shots? –Broadway & 52nd Overheard by: Meg Kane

If There Were, That Would Be a Great School Trip

Lady: I’m looking for non-leather shoes.
Saleswoman: Why non-leather?
Lady: I’m vegan. I don’t wear any animal products.
Saleswoman: Well, they don’t kill the cows to get the leather.
Lady: Where do you think they get the leather from? Do you think there’s a bunch of skinless cows roaming a farm somewhere? –Forest Hills shoe store Overheard by: MG