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“See, I heard they have dropped calls here all the time.”

A suit drops his cell phone on the sidewalk and yells: Fuck!
Tourist dad: Oh my, did you hear what that man said in public?
Tourist mom: And this is the exact reason why I don’t want you to move to New York! –71st & Amsterdam Overheard by: Ellen

Overheard on the Radio

The creators of this site were just on Air America’s Morning Sedition(listen here). As the producer spoke to Marc Maron about the previous guest, he observed: I think [last place Mayoral candidate] Weiner has a very smart strategy. He’s constantly pointing out that Mayor Bloomberg is a Republican. –Vox Pop, Flatbush

Think of It as a Manema

Girl #1: Oh my god, I really need to shit so bad, there’s no way I can meet him like this!
Girl #2: Go in there, I’m sure they’ll let you, you know…
Girl #1: They have cockroaches in there; I’d never put my ass down where there are cockroaches.
Girl #2: But you’d put your ass down where there’s cock.
Girl #1: Maybe…but not with so much junk up there right now. –7th & A