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Then He Sold Her a Mogwai

Girl #1: I was on the subway once and missed my stop and ended up in Brooklyn. Not hipster Brooklyn, I’m talking about fried chicken and people sitting on curbs Brooklyn.
Girl #2: Wow, were you scared?
Girl #1: Yeah, so I just asked a toothless 80 year old man where the closest subway station was. –8th Street between University & 5th Overheard by: Jasmin Livingston

It’s Always the One You Most Suspect

Hispanic woman: …and then I caught him going through my pocketbook and I was like, “You betta get out of there”, because he might find something that looks like a Skittle but it’s really a pill. He gonna grow up to be a thief or somethin’.
White woman: He looks like a murderer. –R train Overheard by: Beast Boy

Yeah, So the Rest of Us Can Start

Yuppie guy on cell collides with hipster guy pretty hard. Hipster guy: Hey, asshole!
Yuppie guy: Watch it.
Hipster guy: I hope you have to watch your fuckin’ children die!
Hipster girl: Honey, you really have to stop saying that to
people. –7th Avenue & 13th Street