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Wednesday One-liners

Woman: When you get to be my age, everybody looks like somebody. And some people pass by twice. –Lincoln Center Asian girl: Oh, no! No one had sex on the floor. I mean, OK, so a few of us girls were rolling around on the floor in our bra and panties or whatever but no one was having sex on the floor! –St. John’s University Overheard by: Megan Cowles

I Only Know Conversational Latin

Hipster #1: But you’re not even Chinese!
Hipster #2: That doesn’t matter.
Hipster #1: It does because any non-Asian person who eats with chopsticks is pretentious.
Hipster #2: I’m not pretentious because I’m an American who uses chopsticks; I’m pretentious because I speak fluent Latin. –103rd St. station