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NYC: One Fucking Big Happy Family

Drunk White hobo: Aw man, fucka that shit.
Hispanic deli chef: Man, you don’t have to say that to me. I am your brother.
Drunk White hobo: You’re right, brother…I am sorry, my brother. –34th street deli between 8th & 9th Black dude #1: Shut up, nigga.
Black dude #2: What the fuck. Don’t call me nigga. I’m Puerto Rican. Call me a spic.
Black dude #3: Stop using that offensive language! No wonder everyone on this train is staring at us. We are all God’s children. We all bleed the same. Aren’t we all god’s children?
White woman: Pardon?
Black dude #3: Aren’t we all god’s children?
White woman: Well, yes.
Black dude #3: You see! –1 train

It’s Just Dry Cleaning, Lady

Power suit woman on cell: No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no. Are you listening to me? I said no! Absolutely not…Why are we arguing about this? Are you listening to me? No. No. You never listen to me. You never listen…Fine. Fine. Do whatever you have to do. But let me tell you this: if you ever thought that I loved you, you have been kidding yourself for a long time! –50th & 6th Overheard by: joe jervis

Wednesday One-liners & Missed Connections

Man on pay phone: Maria! I just got out of the doctor’s office. They told me I have herpes and I got them from you! –34th Street station Overheard by: Cristalle Stutrud Woman: You wiped your nose with a tissue, held a tissue in the same hand, and then put your hands all over my papers. What’d you think I was going to do? –Penn Station Player: Yo, baby. New York’s a scary place. How about you hold my hand going down the street and make us both feel better? –34th & 7th Fat dude on cell: Girl, take that fucking dildo out of your pussy and talk to me! –4th Street between 1st & 2nd Overheard by: Andrea Quijano Fratboy: Zack is cool, until he starts grabbing my ass. –Bensonhurst Crazy man: You know what your problem is? You’re not drinking enough milk…from a penis! –South Street Seaport Overheard by: Victor Preuninger

Wednesday One-liners Are Dead

Girl: Oh my gosh! You know what would be awesome? If lightning struck you, and you like got a permanent tan. –34th & 8th Overheard by: Glynnis Woman: These invitations are really important! I mean, not only am I turning 40, but it’s a year to the day that I almost died! –Staples, Union Square Little girl: Hey Mom, there are dead people here too! –X1 bus Irish guy: Oh, what people don’t realize is that the Indians are
everywhere. They’re sprinkled around everywhere. –First Prince Copy Center, Prince Street