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Don’t Worry, I Know a Guy Who Can Score Some

Girl #1: Do you have Laughing Cow cheese, you know the little button cheeses?
Cheese counter guy: Sorry, we don’t have that.
Girl #1: Can I find it anywhere in the store?
Cheese counter guy: No, since it has preservatives, we don’t sell it here at Whole Foods.
Girl #2: No wonder my doctor doesn’t allow me to have them. –Whole Foods, Time Warner Center Overheard by: George

You Aren’t Being Served

Arts Club guy: Hello, young woman! How may I help you?
Shaved head woman: Uh…can we get some drinks?
Arts Club guy: This is a private club. We’re closed.
Shaved head woman: Well, I am a member.
Arts Club guy: If you were a member, you would know that we were closed. –National Arts Club, Gramercy Park South Overheard by: Olivia + Will Halman

So Long as She Spells Bra With a D

Guy #1: She may be the stupidest girl ever.
Guy #2: I think she just pretends she is stupid.
Guy #1: Dude, she spelled Missouri with a Z, and Kansas with a U.
Guy #2: She does have a huge rack, though.
Guy #1: Tremendous! –34th & Lexington Overheard by: Oren Shapiro

Information on Louisiana Being in Short Supply

Suit #1: …That’s, like, five feet of water. Do you know how much water damage that’s gonna cause?
Suit #2: Yeah! And Louisiana’s not even on the coast down there, is it?
Suit #1: …I think they’re on a big lake. –60th & Park Overheard by: Brian Lindecker Newsguy: Read all about it…26 feet of water and still rising…totally flooded…get the news right here…Brooklyn completely underwater…thousands of people drowned…read all about it… –34th & 7th Overheard by: Rose Fox