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Hungry & Retarded: Terry Schiavo’s Last Dream

Lady: So if I get the eggs, what does that come with?
Waiter: Potatoes, toast…
Lady: What kind of potatoes?
Waiter: French fries.
Lady: What other kind of potatoes do you have?
Waiter: Mashed potatoes, baked potato…
Lady: Oh, those don’t go with eggs. Well, since it’s extra you can leave it off.
Waiter: The potatoes come with the eggs.
Lady: Can I substitute bacon?
Waiter: I can bring you a side of bacon.
Lady: How many strips come in a side, two or three?
Waiter: Three.
Lady: Can I just have two? –University Restaurant, University Place

Nothing Sexier Than Those Missing Front Teeth

Guy #1: Have you seen her new picture yet?
Guy #2: No, is it nice?
Guy #1: Oh man, she looks beautiful.
Guy #3: Yeah, she might be cute but she has a little boy face.
Guy #2: Yeah sure she has a little boy face, but I’m into that sort of thing. –6 train Overheard by: Matthew Pollock