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Mr. Belvedere Left Us With a Huge Smile

Merchant Marine guy #1: Did you hear that there are like 75 swiss cheese deaths a year?
Merchant Marine guy #2: What? What do you mean?
Merchant Marine guy #1: It’s really rare, but sometimes there is a chemical reaction and the cheese blows up in people’s stomachs.
Merchant Marine guy #2: That has to be the worst death ever.
Merchant Marine guy #1: Or the best if the guy really loves cheese. –LIRR

Nothing Says Fitness Like a Vein-encrusted Asshole

Bodybuilder #1: Yeah, Andy called me earlier and said that he’s dropping weight so quickly he might have to come into the competition as a lightweight.
Bodybuilder #2: There is no way that Andy can do that. I mean, he was a lightweight last year. That’s not how it works.
Bodybuilder #1: I know, he needs to really cut down on the cardio. I mean, when you have totally ripped glutes, and you have huge veins on top of those glutes, you know you’re ready for the show.
Bodybuilder #2: But whatever, he will look incredible.
Bodybuilder #1: Yes he will. –Gold’s Gym, W. 54th Street Overheard by: Number 4 the Lizard

Every Minute of Every Day, I Love New York

Ghetto girl #1: …so I was talkin’ to that guy and his accent was so fuckin’ hot–guys from there have accents for whatever–and I’m like, “Yo, why you got an accent? You only live like 20 miles away.” I was like, “Nigga, what the fuck is up with havin’ an accent and bein’ from Louisiana?” He then be lookin’ at me like I swallowed my own piss.
Ghetto girl #2: You so stupid. His accent be the thing that make you want him. You so stupid. Know why? I don’t think he even had an accent; you probably thought he was from Jamaica or something. Just because he black. You a bad liar too. People from Louisiana can’t have accents. That’s for people from different parts of the world, like the Canadians in Europe. Canada’s such a fuckin’ weird country, but they got hot accents. If you from Louisiana, you sound just like you do if you from New York, and if you from New Jersey. If you from Canada, you sound mad different, because it’s on the other side.
Ghetto girl #1: Well nah, I knew Canada was overseas…but they ain’t got accents. I’m tellin’ ya though, this fuckin’ Louisiana guy has a fuckin’ accent…and it’s not even as far as Canada…Louisiana is a drive away; it’s fuckin’ nuts. I just wish I could make out with him so that I could feel his fuckin’ Louisiana lips, but then I guess I be wrong, he can’t be from Louisiana. So I guess I’ma dream of kissin’ him when we be in Canada. It’s across the world and great.
Bystander guy: The sad thing about this is that you two will probably become teachers. –Queens Plaza station