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Yet Again, He’s No Bill Clinton

Roberto Clemente, Jr.: Well, maybe you won’t say that when you have to spend 3 days straight with George W….We spent three days straight sitting down talking, just drank some beers, ate some hot dogs–
Professor guy: –smoked a joint…
Roberto Clemente, Jr.: Yeah! And he inhaled. –Waverly Building, Waverly Place Overheard by: Genevieve Dreizen

Probably at His Krispy Kreme Office

Lawyer guy: Don’t worry about that, ma’am. We’re gonna make sure you don’t have to worry about money for a long, long time.
Hobo: Shit, you got some money? Let me hold a million dollars.
Lawyer guy: Ha, ha, ha! No thank you, sir.
Hobo: You ain’t shit, nigga. Fuck you and your gay-ass hair. Where were you when I broke my leg, Mista Lawya? –Dunkin’ Donuts, Fulton & Nassau Overheard by: Matt M