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Who Let the Tigers Out?

Girl #1: Do you think my boobs look bad?
Girl #2: No, not at all.
Girl #1: But are they, like, saggy?
Girl #2: No, they look good. But if you’re so worried, why don’t you start wearing a bra or something?
Girl #1: God, next thing you’ll tell me to wear underwear. –Telephone Bar & Grill, 2nd Avenue

Later That Night: Tiger v. Anaconda

Girl #1: I cut myself shaving.
Girl #2: That sucks. I shaved my twat.
Girl #1: What about your legs?
Girl #2: Nope.
Girl #1: Then why your junk?
Girl #2: I was bored
Girl #1: So you shave random things when bored?
Girl #2: Yep! Besides, I guess my twat needed it the most. It was a damn jungle down there; I could almost hear the tiger roar. –Central Park

“Take my word as truth; telepathy is real!”

Queer #1: Anyway, Rico spent Friday night with that tattooed guy and they were hanging out again last night…Though, when Rico said hello to me, there was a look in his eyes that said, “I’m with this guy for the weekend, sorry, I’d much rather get to know you, but I’ve sorta made my bed now and must lie in it…please wait for me…”
Queer #2: Is this the point where you ask me whether you read too much into things? –The Roxy, West 18th Street