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Uh oh. I’m not married or gay…

Chick #1: I have never been in love! Never never ever! Can you believe it?
Chick #2: Really? Wow! Well, look what’s out there.
Chick #1: I know! All the good ones are married, all the cute ones are gay, and the rest look like Shrek! All I want to do is meet a really sweet nice guy whos gorgeous and musical and creative and sweet like Jack White! Oh my god, he’s a god!
Chick #2: That White Stripes guy that punched someone out?
Chick #1: Yeah, he’s my idea of a perfect guy! God I love him!
Chick #2: Look! I got chocolate!
Chick #1: Yeah! Chocolate! –Otto’s Shrunken Head, East Village

Wednesday One-liners

Hipster: We don’t need to go to your stupid party. We’ve got smack, man. –Bedford Ave, Williamsburg Overheard by: Mike Epstein Player: Listen man, all I’ve figured out so far is that you have to stay away from the ones with tattoos on their back. –Washington Square Park