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Wednesday One-liners

Hipster: We don’t need to go to your stupid party. We’ve got smack, man. –Bedford Ave, Williamsburg Overheard by: Mike Epstein Player: Listen man, all I’ve figured out so far is that you have to stay away from the ones with tattoos on their back. –Washington Square Park

Fun at the SI Ferry (It Is Possible)

A businesswoman throws up over the edge of the ferry. A chick walks up to help her, and then admonishes the ignoring crowd standing around her: You should all be ashamed of yourselves for not helping this poor woman!
Headphones Guy: Fuck you!
Chick: What if it was you getting sick over the rail?
Headphones Guy: Fuck you! I don’t get sick! –Staten Island Ferry Guy #1: Don’t you think that makes sense?
Guy #2: No, it doesn’t make sense, which is why I think we’re going to fucking get arrested! –Staten Island Ferry Terminal Overheard by: David Lock