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Must Be Alums

Man: Oh my God, it’s sold out. What do we do?
Woman: I don’t know. Suicide? –Film Forum, Houston Street

“…but then, setting us on fire is really rude.”

Girl #1: So how was France?
Girl #2: Pretty good, although we didn’t go out much. We only went to a restaurant like once.
Girl #1: That’s good.
Girl #2: Yeah, we hardly gave them any opportunities to be rude to us. –Hunter North Building elevator, East 69th Street Overheard by: Babs Monroe

Have You Checked the Trunk?

Chick #1: You know I wanna lose some weight, especially in my hips.
Chick #2: I felt like that a while ago. I was dating this guy and when him and I broke up I wanted to be slimmer when I saw him again. Girl, I took some weight loss pills and lost about 20 pounds. When I saw him again he said I looked sick. I had fucked around and lost my ass. I still haven’t gotten it back yet. –80th & 3rd Overheard by: Divine Essence