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Brother Gets Around

Garage guy: Yo, how much is the subway now?
Dude: Two motherfuckin’ dollars.
Garage guy: Fuck that. A gallon of gas is less than that.
Dude: Dumbass, if you had a car, you would know that gas is more than $2.
Garage guy: Well, I don’t.
Dude: No shit, dumbass.
Garage guy: My bitch do…ha, ha, ha. –Park Slope parking garage Overheard by: Jim Chambers

A Home is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Hobo: ‘Scuse me. You wanna give a quarter to the United Negro Pizza Fund? –44th & 8th Hobo: Listen, girls, do you care to donate to the United Negro Pastrami Sandwich Fund? –Bowery between 3rd & 4th Hobo: Would you like to donate to the United Negro Pizza Fund? –82nd & Amsterdam Overheard by: Leigh Hobo: Can you offer a contribution to the United Negro I Didn’t Go to College Fund? –60th & Columbus