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Nothing Sexier Than Those Missing Front Teeth

Guy #1: Have you seen her new picture yet?
Guy #2: No, is it nice?
Guy #1: Oh man, she looks beautiful.
Guy #3: Yeah, she might be cute but she has a little boy face.
Guy #2: Yeah sure she has a little boy face, but I’m into that sort of thing. –6 train Overheard by: Matthew Pollock

Not Quite So Dark as Your Wicked Soul, “Sweetie”

White girl #1: You know that guy in the purple shirt we were talking to on the train? I think I know him.
White girl #2: Wait, you mean the guy in the black shirt?
White girl #1: No, his shirt was purple…the black guy, y’know?
WHite girl #2: I really think his shirt was black…
White girl #1: Sweetie, that was his face. –168th Street station Overheard by: Cheese Monkey