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Haven’t You Pissed Off God Enough Already?

Queer #1: She’s kinda bummed…Her parents split; her dad’s marrying another man.
Queer #2: Luckily, that’s not atypical. –Elevator, 14th Street & 8th Avenue Queer #1: I’ve been feeling so gross lately. I wonder if it’s because I’ve been having so much ass sex.
Queer #2: Gross like a whore?
Queer #1: No. Like, every time you shit your poop gets rubbed into your ass wounds. Maybe it’s making me sick…What? It’s like rubbing your papercuts in Bombay sewer water. –Boysroom, Avenue A Overheard by: zac Queer: I don’t care about my boyfriend like I care about you. I am buying you these things because I love you. His phone rings. Queer: Hello?…Aw, I love you, too. He hangs up. Queer: That was him. –Barney’s, Madison Avenue

His Grampa Waited a Lifetime

Queer #1: We are going to the Kelly Clarkson concert in two weeks, you should come.
Queer #2: I have to go home that weekend. They are having a memorial for my grandpa who died. Maybe I can get out of it.
Queer #1: Seriously. I mean people die all the time, but Kelly Clarkson only comes to New York like twice a year. –Splash, W. 17th Street