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Elephant Man III: The Drunk

Drunk teen girl #1: We both really need to stop drinking, you’re drinking three times a week now.”
Drunk teen girl #2: Yeah, well, there’s nothing better to do around here.
Drunk teen girl #1: You’re turning into an alky.
Drunk teen girl #2: I’m not an alcoholist! –J train Overheard by: christina

Elephant Man II: Apple Girl

Girl #1: You know you can spell your name R-A-C-H-L-E too, right?
Girl #2: That’s Rach-lee.
Girl #1: No, the way it sounds listen to the LE, like “apple”. You don’t spell apple A-P-P-E-L.
Girl #2: Yeah, but that’s dumb because I am not an apple. –Sheepshead Bay station Overheard by: Lena Ner