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Pirro’s Replacement Begins His Campaign

The man was white, wearing a punk leather jacket and a beret like Saddam Hussein, and had a goatie. He stands up and says: I like Eminem ’cause he can talk his way out of trouble in the black neighborhoods. You’ve heard of oreos, black on the outside, white on the inside? Well I’m a chocolate chip cookie, and I’ll take a toll on
your house
! Man: Uzis are made in Israel but in the hands of blacks on the street. Go figure. Why don’t they do a study about how that happens at NYU, aka NYJew! Man: Wake the fuck up, America! France pronounces its words better than us, even in their rap music! Man: Why don’t they play flutes at the orchestra? It’s just a bunch of bam bam bam…Might as well be at a AC/DC concert. ‘Cause they’re afraid it’s too gay! You know in Germany they call it the “queer-flute,”; I used to play flute and I ain’t no fuckin’ queer. Now I just keep my flute in a box, and I’m not making a dirty joke and no, I don’t play the skin flute! –A train Overheard by: Dave Smith

Scenes from the Strike

Suit: Where are you going?
Guy: Why does it matter to you? I never got in someone else’s cab before.
Suit: How about an area: Midtown, Downtown, West Side?
Guy: Maybe if you got into a cab on a downtown avenue and not 2nd Avenue, you would have your own cab. –Cab, 75th & 2nd Overheard by: The front seat