We Knew It Would Happen When Dick Came Out

Stoner #1: You know how there’s these milestones in movies, like the first movie to show a tit, the first one to show a dick, the first one to show someone pinching a loaf?
Stoner #2: Yeah…
Stoner #1: I wonder when there’ll be the first movie with the word ‘fuck’ in the title. Think we’ll live to see it?
Stoner #2, after long pause: Not counting porn?
Stoner #1: Of course.
Stoner #2: Yeah.
Stoner #1: So, you think we’ll live to see it?
Stoner #2: Porn?
Stoner #1: No. ‘Fuck.’ In the title.
Stoner #2: Hope so.

–B41 bus, Brooklyn

Overheard by: Big Larry

What Do You Want on Your Tombstone?

Girl: You know, sometimes I just feel like breaking down and crying.
Guy: Wanna get some pizza?
Girl: Seriously, life can be so hard sometimes, I really can’t take it anymore.
Guy: Have you considered suicide?
Girl: Fuck you!
Guy: Well seriously, you need to stop complaining about life or just kill yourself and get it over with.
Girl: Fuck you. I’m getting off at the next stop and going back home.
Guy: Wanna get some pizza? –Q train Overheard by: Jimmy Crehan