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Yes, It Would Be

Girl #1: That’s so funny. I’ve always said, “That would be two of us.” So how do you use it?
Girl #2: “That would behoove us.”…Well, you don’t use it that way. You say “of”. “That would be hoove of us.” As in, that would be smart of us. –Q train Overheard by: Morgan

That Stone was Pure Gall

Guido #1: She was givin’ me lip, so I returned the favor by pissing on her face.
Guido #2: For real dog, that’s what you gotta do.
Guido #1: I had to go anyways, so it was really two birds and a stone. –Fordham University, Rose Hill Overheard by: Scotty H

The NYC Sights of Wednesday One-liners

Suit on cell: Why would I lie to you? When have I ever lied to you? Listen, you and I both know there are “no nice little neighborhoods” in Queens! –11th Street & 4th Avenue Overheard by: jayKayEss