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Screw Ewe, Too!

Teen boy #1: ….So yeah, I was like, “fuck those sheeps, man!”
Teen boy #2: Wait, did you really say that?
Teen boy #1: Nah, I said “sheep.” “Sheeps” isn’t a real word. –outside the Met

You Know, After Babe-a-Ganouj Goes Under

Dude: I’d like to invite you to take part in my new venture. I call it Kebabes.
Chick: What is it?
Dude: It’s like a kebab joint but with sexy ladies. –In line at Quo, 28th & 10th Overheard by: Anisha & Meg
Headline by: Laura C
· But She’s Already Working at Falafellatio – Momolo
· Not for Humusexuals – ndsd1
Honorable Mentions:
· Well, It’s Better Than Kebabies – Matthew H
· Insert Skewer Joke Here….. – Tim White
· That’s Just Falawful – Chris Cunnyngham
· Turkish Delight! – Hobo Whisperer
· They’ve Got Great Hummus, Too – Anonymous
· Meat Marketing? – Xana
· I Knew I Looked Succulent Today… – Sarah
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It’s Called Jaws Unlocked

Older black gentleman in suit: Hey man, can you help me out?
Arab guy in limo smiles and says nothing.
Black man: I’m, uh, I’m lookin’ for someone to go home with tonight. ‘Cause I’m a gay guy, see. Well, I mean, I’m kind of a swing guy. I like to, uh… ascend to different levels.
Hipster guy walking past: What is it, like, a video game?
Black guy: Yeah! Yeah, baby, it’s a video game. ‘Cept when I win… I fuck you. –44th & 6th Overheard by: Peebs