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Wednesday One-Liners Need the Cliffs Notes

Drunk college kid: I had to read Grapes of Wrath. Which, by the way, has no grapes! Pissed me off!

–53rd & 7th 20-Something chick: Non fiction? That’s true stuff right? –Barnes & Noble, 54th between 3rd & Park Older sister, giving younger brother a book entitled Living in Sin: Here, this is all about you.

–Barnes & Noble, Union Square Guy, to friend reading Dostoevsky’s The Idiot: Hey, is that your autobiography?

–Times Square

Overheard by: John Ghetto white dude: Yo, that nigga is like Shakespeare. Mad gangsta. –9th St & 4th Ave, Brooklyn Overheard by: shannon ramlochan Guy: You can’t talk to me for half an hour about Chaucer and then tell me you have a boyfriend. –St Mark’s & 3rd

The Penis Mightier Than the Wednesday One-Liners

Small girl, pointing at an advertisement for Little Man: Look, Grandpa! He looks like a little man!…He has a huge penis!

–189th St Braggart: My penis is heavier than a full-sized gruyere cheese.

–Red Hook Guy dressed as a penis, on cell: If you don’t get down to 14th and 6th in another 5 minutes, this is one dick you are not going to see!

–14th & 6th

Overheard by: Madhu Maganti Guy: I’d give an inch of my dick for the fries at Les Halles. They’re that good!…Ok, maybe half an inch.

–Park Avenue & 29th Street

Overheard by: 11221 Teen boy on cell: Hey, it’s Big Daddy! You know, Big Daddy! You showed me your penis ring last night.

–Times Square

Overheard by: laura Woman: Aaah! I’ve got baby penises in my eye! –Sephora, Times Square Girl: Ooh, she is going to be in so much trouble. She got caught smoking cock. –Bed-Stuy

Wednesday One-Liners: Too Busy to Acquire Social Skills

Virgin-For-Life: Clark Kent and Kal-El are the same goddamn thing, Joey! We are not having this conversation again! Jesus Christ! I’m going home!

–Coney Island

20-Something Virgin-For-Life, noticing guy with Superman t-shirt: Look! That’s who I wanna be when I grow up! Clark Kent! Imagine just taking a suit off and becoming a superhero. –Empire State Building Overheard by: Guy With Superman t-shirt Virgin-For-Life: The intestinal epithelium is my dream tissue.

–Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the Bronx

Overheard by: Joshua Drumm

: He’s really sharp. He’s like the head of Voltron.

–23rd between 5th & 6th

Wednesday One-Liners Are in a Flaming Bag on Your Porch

Dude: It’s all right to be self-conscious about your feces.

–L train

Overheard by: Matthew Sahd Mohammed Tourist: On the farm, manure smells pretty good. But in the city it just smells like horse shit.

–Horse carriages, Central Park South & 5th Ave Man to his dog: Damn, nigga, you betta hurry up an’ shit already. I got places to be! –112th & Amsterdam Hipster guy: The park is open for pooping! –Washington Square Park Overheard by: I went at home Techie on cell: Yeah, you got it: I’m going to troubleshoot the crap out of it. Yeah, you heard me: troubleshoot the crap! –Penn Station Overheard by: Mary Beth Hanlon Dude: All the toilet paper in here is shitty! –Duane Reade, 70th & Broadway Overheard by: Yesenia 8-year-old girl: Let’s play poo-poo! –Green St, Greenpoint Overheard by: twelvis

Wednesday One-Liners Mention the Unmentionables

Man, pointing at window display: That’ll make a nice gift for the wife: a pair of underwear that say “SALE” across the ass. Classy. –Outside Victoria’s Secret, Herald Square Overheard by: sean Hipster chick: Quite frankly I’d rather wash all my bras tonight. –F train Overheard by: braincurve Woman to five elderly ladies: All right, ladies, put your underwear on and let’s go. –L&B Spumoni Gardens, 86th St, Brooklyn Overheard by: Ilysse Weisenfeld Chick on cell: So how long did it take the four of you to find your bra the next morning? –Harlem Overheard by: Jess is hot. Girl on cell: I am so not letting my underwear go on a date with his underwear. –Prince & Broadway

Wednesday One-Liners Have Gender Trouble

Old Jewess on cell: Carla is going to be there, too…You’ve met Carla…You met her the other week. She was the one with the penis. –77th & 2nd Overheard by: Joseph Considerate guy: Hey, man, don’t burst his bubble. If it ain’t a man, it ain’t a man. –Outside 10th Precinct, W 20th St Voice on intercom: Sir, that’s the women’s restroom. Sir…Sir…Stop! –Times Square Drunk guy: Well, it was either a real ugly woman or a guy with man-boobs. –F train Drunk dude to girl: Wow, you’re the prettiest man I’ve ever seen. –Women’s bathroom, Saloon, 83rd & York Overheard by: Aaron Little girl, staring at the Statue of Liberty: Who’s he supposed to be? –Circle Line Overheard by: emily Young guy: …so, technically, I’m lactating. Technically. –Central Park

If She Doesn’t Put ‘Mexican’ in the Thesis Title, They Take Her Grant Money Away

Dental hygienist: What is your dissertation going to be on?
Grad student: The cultural barriers to health care for Mexican-born migrant farm workers.
Dental hygienist: How about the cultural barriers to health care for German-American dental hygienists with $2,500 deductables, instead?

–Hunter College