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Doesn’t Semen Have Fructose in It?

Queen #1: Where do you want to eat?
Queen #2: I don’t care. As long as there are no carbs, I’ll eat anything.
Queen #1: I know, let’s go there. [Points to Mexican place] You can have the beans and, ooh, they have the best corn. That’s a good carb.
Queen #2: Corn? I can’t have corn; I’m getting fucked tonight!

–51st & 9th

It’s a Small, Small World

Girl: You know, when my dad was my age he was singing with a traveling choral group.
Guy: Oh really? I didn’t know that about your dad.
Girl: Yeah, the group performed, like, all over the world!
Guy: Really?
Girl: Well, I mean, like, all over Harlem.

–14th & 8th